Adventure activities in the Yorkshire Dales


Jude grew up in Kendal on the edge of the Lake District and spent every weekend and holidays out in the hills with her parents and friends. Activities included walking, rock climbing, scrambling, wild camping, swimming and always with a family dog in tow!

Jude continued these activities on into her teens and twenties and regularly frequented the local crags and hills before enjoying holidays a bit further afield in the Peak District, Wales, Scotland and the Alps.

Her passion for physical Geography and outdoor adventure led her to live in places such as Langdale in the Lake District and the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

In 2007 Jude had her first introduction to ‘the dark side’ and was taken on her first caving trip in the Yorkshire Dales. Immediately, she was hooked. This initial craving for caving led her to Ireby Fell Caverns where she first met her husband Johnny who she later married in Ingleborough Show Cave!

Hundreds of underground adventures later, Jude has caved extensively in the Yorkshire Dales and other areas of the UK. Exploratory trips have led her on an expedition to China sponsored by the University of Guilin, to Matienzo in Northern Spain and on a ‘tourist’ trip down the famous 1.2km deep Gouffre Berger in France.

Jude also enjoys a bit of fell running here and there and Mountain Biking around the superb local bridleways. She is nearly always accompanied by her Border Collie dog Blaven who is also adventure-mad!

For many years, Jude has introduced friends to outdoor activities and is delighted to be working towards professional qualifications so she can introduce others too. She has worked in numerous care settings with individuals with various physical and special educational needs disabilities. She firmly believes that the outdoor environment should be accessible to all regardless of anything people may perceive that holds them back! This includes disability, fitness, confidence or age. Jude has been caving with a friend in a wheel chair and has encouraged her 85 year old grandmother to venture underground…minor details!

So whether you’re an individual, family or group, get in touch and Jude will endeavour to tailor an experience to your aspirations and needs. We are also pleased to work with other Instructors who hold the relevant NGB qualifications in the activities we offer.

About Blaven

Blaven is Jude’s 7 year old Border Collie, she’s an outdoor hound with attitude! Never one to miss out on an adventure, Blaven is a regular walker, swimmer, caver and enjoys a good leg stretch alongside the mountain bikes too. She can occasionally be seen out canoeing in the Lake District. In November 2012 Blaven had the greatest adventure of her life when she welcomed her 6 puppies into the world. All the pups have now moved onto other outdoor homes but Islay has remained with us and is training up into a great outdoor pooch following her Mum up mountains and down caves.

Blaven & Islay have a full compliment of outdoor equipment to support her activities including a harness, winter jacket, vibram soled boots for long days running by the bikes, a high vis jacket for night time and panniers for overnight expeditions.


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“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.” Edmund Hillary



Just like to say a big THANK YOU Jude for an excellent time in the Ingleborough cave. It really is a different world down there! Good luck with the business.

James M, Newby Caver!