Adventure activities in the Yorkshire Dales

As seen on TV

It’s been a busy year in the Latimer household. They’ve moved house, been on 2 expeditions, had stag and hen parties with a difference, got married, been on honeymoon and had a career change!

Jude’s Hen Party

May 2011, Jude saw her Hen Party as the perfect opportunity to get all of her friends caving. With help from friends in the Bradford Pothole Club, Jude got 25 girls together to be winched down into Gaping Gill Pothole on the side of Ingleborough. So clad in prom dresses and funky wellies, we made our way up onto the hill and enjoyed a picnic in the floodlit Main Chamber.

ITV Look North heard about our antics and came up to do a short piece on our party under Ingleborough.

Ingleborough Cave Wedding

On July 30th 2011, Jude and her husband Johnny were married in Clapham. Friends at the CRO transported Jude up to Ingleborough Cave in the rescue vehicle and Jude made her way into a candlelit Ingleborough Show Cave to meet husband-to-be Johnny for a blessing. Yorkshire Piper Ed Arnold met them at the entrance on their return and led the wedding party the mile down the Clapham Nature Trail to St. James’ Church where they married.

ITV the Dales followed the couple for the weeks surrounding the wedding and the episode they featured in was screened in March 2012. The wedding can still be seen on Youtube:

The Great British Countryside

In September 2011 we were invited to accompany Hugh Dennis into Ingleborough Show Cave as part of the Yorkshire episode of the BBC programme the Great British Countryside. A great experience, Blaven the dog was the star!



My son is very reluctant to try new things but has always shown an interest in Geology. Jude invited my son and I on a caving trip with her and as he knew Jude and her dog Blaven he agreed to come. During our time in the cave Jude took time to explain to my son the different rock formations and pointing out fossils which she knows is of great interest to him. The caving trip was a real success and my son is looking forward to going again.

LM, North Yorkshire